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2019 Officer and Board Members:  (left to right) - Matt Doscher - President, Ellen Adams - Secretary, Bill Treadwell - Treasurer, Wayne Milligan - Vice President, Travis Berry - Board Member, Dot Parrish - Board Member, and Charlie Dawson - Board Member.  NOT SHOWN: Tim Hund - Board Member.
To contact Tidewater Region AACA officers and/or members, use this email link:

President - Matt Doscher
Vice President - Wayne Milligan
Treasurer - Bill Treadwell
Secretary - Ellen Adams

Board Members:

  • Tim Hund
  • Travis Berry
  • Charlie Dawson
  • Dot Parrish

Tp contact the newsletter editors, webmaster, or membership chairman, select the links below:


The Mudflap Editors

Mark and Marion McAlpine
Phone: 757-967-0074

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Bob Stein
7500 Pennington Road
Norfolk, VA 23505

Phone: 757-588-6200


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Membership Chairman

Jerry Adams

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